Case Study: Prisio Salesforce Optimize in Action

Prisio enabled this fast-growing company to quickly expand and enhance its use of Salesforce, helping users experience more benefits. This empowered the in-house Sales Operations team to focus on more strategic initiatives for its internal customers.

Case Study: Financial Process Upgrade

A software company planning for its IPO wanted help from a firm with Oracle experience to identify inefficient business processes, as well as measure how their processes compared to leading organizations in their industry.

Data and Process Integration Across Applications

Many applications share an organization’s critical data, including customers, items, pricing, and employees. Integrating these applications will result in seamless processes and improved visibility. Read more for key questions to consider.

How To Know When You’ve Outgrown Your CRM Application

While basic CRM platforms can be useful at first, if you experienced any of the following situations you may be ready to move beyond a basic CRM into something that can better serve your needs and grow along with your business.

Shared Processing in Business Applications

Global corporations have evolved shared processing models in three distinct areas to manage the growing needs of complex sharing requirements. These can be modeled in a number of ways, or even a mix of approaches.

Prisio’s 10th Anniversary

We are grateful to our employees, customers, and partners who have supported us along this journey. While much has changed in the past ten years, our commitment to excellence has not.