Key Challenges For Cloud Readiness

Organizations need the cloud to be competitive. In an IDC White Paper published in January 2022, 40% of customers have already done so, with another 47% planning on moving within the next 2-10 years.

For most IT departments, this will be the first time ever for addressing this type of project. While experienced professionals will be able to anticipate some of the issues ahead, there are key challenges that must be addressed in order to have a successful outcome, including:

  • Lack Of A Clear Strategy
  • Cloud Sprawl
  • Exceeding The Budget
  • Security Weak Points
  • Vulnerability To Critical Service Failures
  • Skills Gaps
  • Miscalculating Implementation Costs
  • Adoption And Adaption Resistance
  • Data Access And Security Concerns
  • System Integration Challenges

In this informative report, we’ll explore each of these challenges, and conclude with actionable recommendations to address them successfully.

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