Prisio’s 10th Anniversary

We are proud to announce that Prisio is now ten years old. 

We are grateful to our employees, customers, and partners who have supported us along this journey. While much has changed in the past ten years, our commitment to excellence has not. This means understanding your business well, being transparent, and delivering quality work. Prisio means “value” in Welsh, and we believe the term value encapsulates this commitment well.

As technology and our customers’ needs have evolved, so have the services we provide. In addition to Oracle Applications, our portfolio now includes Salesforce, Integration, and Data Management

We have learned a lot over the past ten years, from new technologies to project methodologies. This year, we all learned how to work remotely and be more flexible and compassionate with our teams and communities. 

As a birthday present, we gave ourselves a new look and recently relaunched Please check it out and sign up to receive periodic updates.